6 Ways To Avoid Support Requests In Your Sales Chat Program

From small businesses with relatively low website traffic all the way up to enterprise companies with millions of site visitors, many of our customers approach us with a similar problem—a sales team that is spending too much time in chat...

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Part 5: Keys to Effective Measurement With Live Chat

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final installment of this five-part series where we’re breaking down exactly how to optimize your approach to live chat. Here’s a quick overview of what’s been covered so far: Part 1: Are You Serious...

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Part 4: Keys to Effective Engagement with Live Chat

In this series, we’re on a mission to help you optimize your live chat function. In part one, we explored the warning signs of an unoptimized approach to live chat. In part two, we laid out three steps to help you prioritize...

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Part 3: Keys to Effective Testing with Live Chat

In this series, we’re breaking down exactly how to optimize your live chat investment through four fundamentals: targeting, testing, engagement, and measurement. If you missed out on part one or part two of the series, consider taking some time to...

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Why live chat increases conversion rates and sales

Increasingly, Live Chat is becoming one the most effective tools businesses are using to increase sales and conversion rates. Doing it right, however, is the real key to success. This means using an intelligent live chat solution that allows you...

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Serving the underserved – are you leaving $ on the table?

4 key considerations for converting more visitors on your e-commerce site. According to forecasts from market researcher eMarketer, global e-commerce sales will more than double between 2015 and 2020, increasing from $1.7 trillion to $3.6 trillion. However, online conversion rates...

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The Moment of Truth: Playing an Active Role in the Customer Journey

Research is an untapped well of conversion potential. Are you missing out? Most online shoppers want to know what they’re in for before they buy, especially when they’re shopping for something big. According to a study from Google, 88% of...

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Are there visitors on your site who you should be speaking with?

How Human-to-Human Contact Drives Sales Shopping in the digital space is dramatically different from the traditional retail experience, but one thing hasn’t changed: people. Ultimately, it’s people who make purchasing decisions, and the human connection offered by a helpful customer...

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The Untold Truth About Marketing Automation

Check out this blog to learn more about how to bring human engagement back into your eCommerce sales. Learn how Symantec grew revenue by 13% within one year without adding a shiny new tool. The explosion of marketing automation platforms...

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