Live Chat Maturity: What the Most Profitable Programs Have in Common

You already know that live chat is a powerful tool that has fundamentally shifted the way consumers connect and interact with brands. This type of real-time connection has quickly earned its place as the preferred method of digital communication. As...

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Incremental Revenue: The Live Chat Metric You’re Probably Missing

Live chat can be one of the most effective conversion strategies on your site , but many businesses fail to realise its full potential because they don’t know what they don’t know. They think they’re making the most of their...

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Top 5 Ways To Optimize The Live Chat Experience

Are you effectively serving your customers through live chat? The answer to this question can mean the difference between a lucrative program that maximizes revenue lift and your customer’s experience  with your brand, and one that accomplishes the exact opposite....

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Why Effective Measurement is Key to Live Chat Success

Are you struggling to measure the effectiveness of live chat? Do you have limited visibility into the ROI of your program? Or, are you delaying live chat adoption altogether because you have no way to prove its potential value? If...

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Part 1: Are You Serious About Generating Revenue With Chat?

The internet has fundamentally shifted the way people connect with brands. Modern consumers have come to expect a seamless digital experience, including the ability to communicate with brands in real-time. In response, more and more businesses are turning to live...

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Why live chat increases conversion rates and sales

Increasingly, Live Chat is becoming one the most effective tools businesses are using to increase sales and conversion rates. Doing it right, however, is the real key to success. This means using an intelligent live chat solution that allows you...

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How Symantec Lifts Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement

Live Webinar – Save Your Seat! Wednesday, June 28, 2017 For Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security vendor with over 50 million users of Norton and LifeLock product suites and over 20 million digital transactions in 2017 totalling $1.3B, online...

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How Intelligent Visitor Engagement Can Capture Up to 20% More Revenue

With average ecommerce conversion rates falling between 2-8%, most e-business professionals are challenged with squeezing incremental revenue from over 90% of their visitors. And while optimizing web design and usability (UX), beefing up product content, and offering discounts and free trials...

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Serving the underserved: the path to incremental revenue measurement

4 key steps to successfully attaining incremental revenue through performance attribution In our series “Serving the Underserved,” we have been discussing the untapped opportunity for e-commerce businesses to convert more visitors and drive up to 20% more revenue by providing...

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