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How Symantec Lifts Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

For Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security vendor with over 50 million users of Norton and LifeLock product suites and over 20 million digital transactions in 2017 totalling $1.3B, online commerce is a significant source of revenue for the Norton Consumer Business Unit.

But even with solid online revenue, Symantec was missing the opportunity to capture revenue from Underserved visitors. Unlike self-converters, who make their purchase decisions through digital content alone, Underserved visitors have needs and questions that can only be satisfied with live human sales assistance. Without this engagement, these high-value visitors will delay or abandon their online purchase decision, or choose a no-cost/low cost option, leaving revenue on the table.

Symantec had tried a variety of live help solutions in an effort to engage the Underserved, from outsourced proactive chat (timed and triggered push chat) and reactive (visitor initiated) chat using community advocates, to in-house proactive chat using their own support agents. Each program failed to drive incremental revenue, and lacked accurate reporting capabilities to validate their contribution, while Symantec’s own live support agents lacked the sales expertise required to support online buyers.

Tasked not only with driving online revenue, but reducing churn and maximizing customer lifetime value, Symantec needed a solution to identify, target and recover lost revenue from Underserved visitors. And that’s when they turned to MarketLinc for help.

MarketLinc Intelligent Visitor Engagement accurately identifies Underserved visitors through predictive analytics, effectively engages them with personalized targeting strategies, and converts them to sales with a dedicated and highly skilled team of live sales agents.

With MarketLinc, Symantec achieved 146% RPV uplift for new customer acquisition and 34% RPV lift for a newly launched product (versus control). Overall, Intelligent Visitor Engagement lift revenues from existing traffic by 13%, with no up-front investments in technology or people.

To learn more, join Symantec’s Senior Online Program Specialist Mike Reaka and Linda Bustos, eCommerce Industry Analyst and founder of Edgacent Ecommerce Advisors, in this upcoming webinar Serving the Underserved: How Symantec Lifts Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement.

In this insight-packed, one hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • Who are your Underserved visitors?
  •  How does Intelligent Visitor Engagement identify, engage and convert the Underserved?
  • How Symantec uses Intelligent Visitor Engagement to lift revenue by 13%
  • How Intelligent Visitor Engagement helped Symantec identify conversion problems otherwise missed by traditional analytics
  • How your organization can capture lost revenue by up to 20% from existing traffic