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The Contents of Your Personalized Assessment

Site Analysis

Your Chat Opportunity Assessment will be customized to your site and provide you with:

  1. The potential net new revenue you can expect from an optimized chat solution.
  2. The Visitor Segments that are likely to get the best ROI from chat.
  3. Recommendations on how to optimize your program.
Chart Staffing Requirements

The MarketLinc team understands that your time is your most valuable asset.

With little support needed from you and a 24-hour turnaround time, we will cut to the heart of what you really care about – how an optimized chat solution can increase your revenue.

We will do this by segmenting your visitors (see below) and providing the revenue potential for each segment.

Visitor Segmentation

Our proprietary analytics algorithm will segment your traffic into six categories:

Likelihood of Purchase
High-Intent Users
Self Converters


The user is not qualified to become a customer. They may be on the wrong site, looking for a job, be a competitor, looking for free options, etc.


The user is interested, but unsure of if they need your product.


The user knows they need a product like yours, but are unsure of the next step.


The user knows they need a product like yours and are assessing your value offering.

High Intent Users

The user knows they need your product, but they need a little convincing to make the purchase.

Self Converters

The user is on your website to purchase your product and will do so without any sales assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this analysis help me if I already have chat?

Yes, the baseline results for your site will include your existing chat program and we will provide you with the benchmark so that you can see what the potential of a fully optimized chat solution will deliver. We will also provide you with information on what changes you will need to make to your chat program to realize these results.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

MarketLinc’s Chat Opportunity Assessments are always 100% free of charge. Even our clients don’t pay us one-off fees or retainers, as we work on a solely pay by performance model. We do this because we are confident that we can generate your business the results it needs to succeed.

What will make my report customized?

Your Chat Opportunity Assessment starts with an exploration of your website analytics. We use a blend of digital tools and hand-made reports to identify the gaps in your online performance. Then, by piecing together your data with our expertise, we can make accurate personalized projections about your potential results.

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