Embrace the Power of Conversation and Grow Your Business with AI Chatbots

Your customers want to talk to you. But relying on live agents to answer all chat inquiries can get expensive. Make better use of your team’s time by deflecting low-value activities to your bots.

With bots by your side, you can serve more customers while ensuring your agents are focused on higher value engagements. Allocate simple, repetitive tasks to your AI-powered bots while keeping your agents focused on tackling more complex tasks that are better served by humans, such as sales conversations.

Why AI Chatbot Technology?

Chatbots are a form of AI technology that enable companies to create helpful conversations with their customers while also taking a load off their human staff.

Employing chatbots lets you keep customers smiling by getting them the help they need, right away. The information chatbots collect about site visitors makes it easy to connect them to the right sales rep, support agent, or resource they need — while giving you valuable insight into your market.

Key AI Chatbot Benefits

Full Integration Into Your Sales Calendar

Does your sales teams have to weed through hundreds of appointment requests to identify serious buyers? Chatbots can eliminate this costly and time-consuming task. Fully integrating bots into your sales team’s calendar enables serious buyers to directly schedule an appointment at a time that works for them.

Helpful Targeted Messaging

In brick-and-mortar shops, clerks are the frontline solution in nudging customers towards making a purchase. Online, bots are like those clerks — providing helpful targeted messaging to help your customers better self-serve and find just what they’re looking for.

Superior Customer Experiences

The big difference between a good customer experience and a truly great one is customer service. With chatbots on your team, you can take your service to the next level — wowing your customers with seamless service that will have them coming back for more.

Leverage the Power of AI Chatbots Without the Cost of Development

Chatbots help scale your customer service coverage — enabling sales reps to be more productive. MarketLinc’s customized AI chatbot services are designed to seamlessly integrate into your sales services — offering a fully branded AI solution that helps your business both scale and shine.

Our services are delivered with two guiding principles:

Bots and Humans Need to Work Together

Our trainers will train your people and your bots to work together to amplify your sales services.

Not All Visitors Should Get the Same Experience

We design with this in mind create user experiences based on each unique visitor profile.

“MarketLinc offers solutions above and beyond any of the competitors we looked at in this space. We’ve been very pleased with our conversion metrics. I would recommend MarketLinc to other colleagues in this space, and I’ve done so on a few occasions already.”

Julie Toman, VP

North American Online Sales, Kaspersky Lab

The MarketLinc AI Chatbot Services Advantage

Bot Implementation

Our technical resource team will get your bot up and running — setting up and configuring bots so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Conversation Design

We’ll work with you to determine how bot conversations should flow based on the history of your chats and common customer questions. From there we’ll design a solution that will tell your bots where to direct your customers based on their issue — pointing them to the best agent or self-serve option. Our conversation designers are the same people who train live agents, adding an extra layer of synergy between your human agents and your bots.

Branded Window Design

Your bots are a part of your team and must reflect your brand. We’ll design bots to match the aesthetic of your brand while also planning its window placement, animation, and pop-up timing to drive the best usage rates.


We’ll keep continuous tabs on where and why visitors are getting stuck on your site and reorganize bot interactions to improve the customer experience. Our monitoring also helps determine the best blend of bot and agent interactions to optimize customer service.

Targeted Bot Selection

Every customer is unique — not every bot will work in the same way for every customer or every time. We understand this and will work with you to create a targeted bot strategy that guides your visitors to the bots or humans that are most aligned to their needs.


To know how your bot is doing, we’ll continually measure your bot’s interaction rates. These measurements show how and when your customers gravitate to your bot and when it’s being ignored — important data that helps refine bot configuration to improve performance.


Before fully deploying your bot, we’ll start by testing its interactions on a few test pages. This helps determine a good interaction model (including the balance of agent and bot interactions) before rolling your bot out to your full site.

Help Me Bot

Like the in-store clerk, bots can also provide useful information to help improve your customers’ overall experience. Our Help Me Bot solution can be configured to pop up and show your customers something new or other self-service options as they browse.

Unleash the power of conversation to bring your customers closer to your business.

MarketLinc’s fully customized AI chatbots will set your business apart by providing a seamless integration of Live Agent and bot automation — helping you to build deeper relationships with your customers with helpful chats.