4 Keys to delivering revenue from chat

Every step of our process is transparent, data-driven and continuously optimized to get better with time. That’s how we can drive up to 20% more revenue for your business.


The problem: Standard live chat services are reactive instead of proactive, wasting time and missing opportunities

Our solution: Profile, segment and prioritize visitors to easily convert them into high-value customers

  • When a visitor comes to your site, our software uses comprehensive behavioral and visitor data to dynamically profile visitor fit and interest.
  • This data is then used to forecast their potential revenue value and propensity to buy, which determines which visitors can be profitably engaged.


The problem: A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t cater to each customer’s unique needs, desires and behaviors and can risk already optimized self-serve flows

Our solution: Test and optimize chat messaging, graphics, placement and timing to provide an optimal customer experience

  • The software sends different personalized chat invitations to different users, performing A/B split testing to see how the variations perform on visitors with similar profiles.
  • The performance of these variations are measured against “no-chat” control groups, to reveal which strategies were most effective.


The problem: Impersonal, poorly-timed or unanswered chats lose customers and decrease their overall satisfaction

Our solution: Intelligence to prioritize, route, monitor and forecast chat traffic to maximize agent productivity and visitor CSAT

  • Agent scheduling is optimized to eliminate “no agent available” and latency issues, preventing customers from abandoning at common failure points in their engagement journey.
  • Deep customer insights enable a highly personalized experience and flexible technology means customers can switch from chat to phone at their request for an optimal service experience.


The problem: Siloed and incomplete chat analytics fail to measure the customer’s entire journey and undermines performance improvement and chat optimization.

Our solution: Use complete visitor data with a control group methodology that isolates chat from marketing, site optimization and sales initiatives,  delivering the financial contribution of chat and each of the tactics within it to optimize the end to end program performance.

  • You will receive transparent attribution reporting for each visitor segment with detailed analysis of what engagement approaches work best.
  • Leverage deep insight into customers’ goals, challenges and experiences to improve the chat, your site and overall brand experience.

“MarketLinc offers solutions above and beyond any of the competitors we looked at in this space. We’ve been very pleased with our conversion metrics. I would recommend MarketLinc to other colleagues in this space, and I’ve done so on a few occasions already.”

Julie Toman, VP

North American Online Sales, Kaspersky Lab

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