Today’s Challenges with Online Conversations

Your customers seek to have meaningful conversations with your brand.

Online conversations drive revenue.

However, engaging every visitor at your site is costly and difficult.  How do you know which ones to target?

Chatbots can often disrupt self-serve visitors and annoy potential customers.

LIve agents can require training and management — and can be overwhelmed by demand.

Connect Effectively with Potential Customers

You need to know which customers are interacting with your brand and how.

Where are they coming from?

What’s attracting them?

How are these visitors best served?

Some might want to speak to a real person. Others might prefer a chatbot. And some just want to self-serve.

Conversational Commerce isn’t just about answering questions — it’s about interacting with high-value prospects and clients in a way that suits their needs and results in greater revenue.

Our Conversational Commerce solutions optimize who, how and when you engage site visitors to maximize revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Choose the Level of Service and Engagement You Need

MarketLinc offers both fully and partially managed Conversational Commerce solutions.

End-to-End (Fully Managed)

Our team can develop, implement, analyze, and refine your entire Conversational Commerce solutions on our platform. Your business gets all the benefits of conversational commerce with minimal investment or impact on your site. This solution is ideal for organizations that recognize the benefits of conversational commerce and want to implement it quickly, or lack the resources to do so.

Use Case: Organizations starting from zero – requiring investigation into a technology platform including Chatbot technology, assessment into lost revenues, workflow processes and the appropriate level of Live Agent staff augmentation.

Modular (Partially Managed)

Maybe you’ve already got a platform in place. Or you have a specific technology in mind. But you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to maximize its potential. We can help. Whether you need help with strategy and execution, chatbot design, or expanding your staff, we’re there. Let our team share your Conversational Commerce load.

Not sure about the future of your Conversational Commerce solutions? MarketLinc takes all the risk out of your choice. Start with a fully managed solution to get everything up and running quickly and efficiently, and transition to a modular solution once you’re ready to take on some aspects of Conversational Commerce yourself.

Use Case: Organizations that have partially started the journey with Chatbots or Live Agent staff and require a consultative partner to look at the lost opportunities or revenue gain potential from adding more analytics and AI to their approach.

The MarketLinc Technology Stack: Fully integrated and Optimized

Chat Technology
Live Person

Prebuilt Integrations to Tag Management

Google Tag Manager

Prebuilt Integrations to Web Analytics

Google Analytics
Adobe SiteCatalyst

Deployment can be end-to-end or based on your technology preferences.

The Five-Step MarketLinc Conversational Commerce Approach

At MarketLinc, we work with your organization from start to finish to get your Conversational Commerce solutions up and running.

Our fully managed services start with site assessment and strategy development and grow with your business. For partially managed service, choose the development stage where we can best support you.


Our experts understand that every business is different and can help you optimize your website and Conversational Commerce strategy to maximize conversions. Our insight and our benchmark data lets us accurately forecast the revenue increase you could see with Conversational commerce.

We look at Conversational Commerce a little differently. Our goal is to maximize both sales and marketing ROI by using AI to target, segment and qualify, then using humans in just the right places so we can develop a solution that will cost-effectively engage and convert.


Not all customers are created equal. We develop a customer segmentation and personalization strategy to identify high-value or underserved visitors and present messages that anticipate their needs. We’ll analyze inquiries to determine what mix of AI and human agents is most suitable, and develop scripts that will allow them to best serve your customers.

How would Conversational Commerce best serve your customers? We’ll develop an engagement strategy, branding, and content that not only matches your site but speaks to the customers you most want to reach.


Your custom Conversational Commerce solution goes live in a 60- to 90-day pilot, with everything you need for a successful program. Includes fully implemented technology, analytics, customized integrations, skilled sales team and a dedicated account team that will monitor and manage the performance of the entire program.

Our quick launch process gets your pilot up and running in a few weeks – with only a few hours of work for your team.

As the pilot progresses AI learns from each engagement – resulting in smarter targeting strategies that optimize results and productivity. We become experts in articulating your value proposition and understanding how to match customer needs with the right solution. We train agents and chatbots simultaneously to ensure a seamless conversation flow — whether your customers are interacting with bots or human agents.


A successful deployment doesn’t mean our work for you is done — far from it. We continue to monitor, test, and analyze the performance of your Conversational Commerce solutions. You’ll get total insight into your system, including response times, chat transcripts and details on new net revenue, all in an easy-to-access dashboard you can check anytime you want.

Our reporting doesn’t just give you high-level data on response times or the number of engagements. You’ll get deep insight into what your customers want — and what challenges they face. We’ll give you the lowdown on the pricing and product preferences of your site visitors. And that gives you a serious competitive edge.


Conversational sales and marketing support the growth and evolution of your business. And as you grow, we grow with you. Our Conversational Commerce solutions will continue to expand and scale to meet your needs. MarketLinc has you covered.

Should you implement new strategies, add staff, or transition to greater reliance on AI? We’re always collecting data on your Conversational Commerce solution. Those insights gleaned from our proprietary methodology and reporting, fed from the MarketLinc algorithm combined with our team of experts, lets us continuously hone your system to deflect nuisance visitors, increase service to high-value visitors, and actually decrease the cost of Conversational Commerce.

“MarketLinc offers solutions above and beyond any of the competitors we looked at in this space. We’ve been very pleased with our conversion metrics. I would recommend MarketLinc to other colleagues in this space, and I’ve done so on a few occasions already.”

Julie Toman, VP

North American Online Sales, Kaspersky Lab

Make Conversational Commerce work for you.

Contact our experts today to learn more about MarketLinc’s Conversational Commerce solutions.