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Kaspersky Lab Boosts Average RPV by 23% with Intelligent Live Chat

Learn how Kaspersky Lab has successfully worked with MarketLinc's intelligent live chat solution to increase revenue per visitor (RPV) by 23%.

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ESET Earns $100,000 in Q1 Revenue with Intelligent Live Chat

See how, after 30 years of business, ESET continues to enjoy significant growth with the help of MarketLinc's Intelligent Live Chat solution.

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Why Targeting Is the Key to Unlocking More Revenue With Live Chat

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”. This concept, as broad as it is, can be carried into your live chat optimization strategy. Studies show that today’s customers are drowning in information are looking for a personalized, targeted online experience to match their needs.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Live Chat Optimization Should Be Your Priority in 2018

Since 2015, the adoption of online chat has grown by 400%. However, many online businesses are taking the wrong approach to live chat, leading to a failure to meet their customers’ live chat demands.

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Symantec Success Story

A visual overview of how MarketLinc’s Intelligent Live Chat solution was able to significantly lift Symantec’s bottom line.

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How Symantec Lifts Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement

Learn how Symantec uses Intelligent Live Chat to target visitors with purchase intent, capturing 15-20% more revenue from existing traffic. Featuring insights from ecommerce industry analyst and conversion optimization specialist, Linda Bustos.

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Serving the Underserved: Capturing Incremental Revenue with Intelligent Live Chat

In this eBook, learn which visitors can be profitably engaged and how to engage them, enabling you to convert more visitors into buyers.

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How Symantec Increased Revenues by 13% Using Intelligent Live Chat

Norton’s business unit at Symantec did not offer live sales assistance in their purchase flow for visitors who needed help. With a number of pilot projects attempted, none of them delivered the results they were looking for, until MarketLinc. The pilot proved to be a great success, resulting in 1.6 M in incremental revenue the first month.

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Increase Conversions and Sales with MarketLinc Intelligent Live Chat

MarketLinc’s Intelligent Live Chat Solution gives you everything your business needs to rapidly increase conversion rates, deliver exceptional customer service and maximize revenue. Our managed solution identifies, engages and converts high value visitors into buyers at the right point in their online shopping journey.

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