Your expected annual revenue increase from a fully optimized Conversational Commerce program is:

This is the untapped revenue potential of your existing traffic calculated from the figures you provided, along with our benchmarks and proprietary algorithm.

Your Revenue Finder Calculator Report shows your projected annual revenue increase based on MarketLinc’s 15+ years optimizing revenue with more than 1 billion website visitors and 14 million live sales engagements.

However, your business is not “average” so you need a get a very precise evaluation.


and get a very precise evaluation you can use for internal planning and budgeting. Plus, we will show you how to achieve this revenue increase as well as what it will take to pull this lift off.


"The MarketLinc Live Chat Opportunity Assessment opened our eyes to the potential and helped us establish clear, data-informed revenue objectives for the intelligent implementation of our own beacon and live chat services. We can now see where and how to improve our visitor engagement strategy to achieve those goals."

- David McFarlane, President & COO, HelpScout

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