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Digital-only shopping experience negatively impacted online sales and customer satisfaction

The Results

Norton was able to increase incremental revenue by 13% across the target market, and increase customer satisfaction by providing real-time digital personalization integrated with human-to-human interactions at critical moments in the buying journey. Norton gained accurate customer journey insight into reasons why consumers engage during their buying journey and used that information to help improve the buying experience.


Lift in incremental revenue


Norton could see many of their visitors dropping out of the buying cycle. Prior to partnering with MarketLinc, Norton tried working with two chat solutions; one was an advocate agent model and the other an outsourced agent model using third-party technology. Both charged fees up front, produced a marginal increase compared with their cost, lacked transparency in their management and delivery of reporting data, and were not truly addressing the needs of those customers.

“We tried a couple of vendors to improve our performance across the site, and we weren’t able to get the improvement we needed. With MarketLinc, we’re always improving, we can always measure the exact impact, and we only pay on incremental revenue.”

Matt Zumwalt, Director, Regional Online Business, Consumer

Norton by Symantec


Humanize Digital Commerce and Grow Revenue by 13.3%

This led Norton to keep looking for the right solution to their challenge. They realized some of their visitors were not being adequately served by a digital-only shopping experience which negatively impacted online sales and customer satisfaction. Norton discovered they had abandoned those visitors who needed a human experience to complete the purchase, and realized digital investments in the customer journey were necessary, but insufficient.

Upon deploying the MarketLinc Human-to-Human solution in February 2015, Norton discovered there was a dramatic difference between a “Live Chat” tool and a fully-managed comprehensive digital commerce solution. By humanizing the Norton digital commerce experience with the MarketLinc Human-to-Human solution, they were able to engage shoppers who required a human connection in order to maximize the buying experience and convert them into loyal customers. To start, Norton deployed the MarketLinc solution across four main traffic flows.

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