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The story of how MarketLinc has generated millions of dollars of incremental revenue for global clients, all on a pay-for-performance model.

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In 1988, MarketLinc launched as a leading inside sales organization that has generated millions of dollars for global clients such as AAA, Xerox, HSBC, Microsoft, Bell, Telus, and BMC Software all on a pay for performance basis. In 2004, they were one of the first to pivot their experience to online chat sales for companies like Nuance, Symantec and Kaspersky.

In 2019, MarketLinc took over 15 years of captured data numbering over 1 billion points and used it to create a machine-learning model for real-time visitor scoring called Lift AI. They use Lift AI alongside their first-class live agents and turnkey chat solutions to help their clients find and convert every untapped visitor on their website for increased revenue and live agent productivity.

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