We deliver a live chat service with the intelligence you need to identify your best visitors, engage them at the right points of their online journey, and convert them into happy customers – while optimizing every step of the way.

Satisfy your customers and grow your revenue with Intelligent Live Chat

Adding optimized live chat assistance to your website is like placing your best salesperson on your virtual floor

MarketLinc’s Intelligent Live Chat solution helps website visitors throughout the entire journey, from first click to checkout. The result: higher conversion rates, lower abandonment rates, better customer experiences and maximized ROI. Guaranteed.


Profile, segment and prioritize the visitors that can be profitably engaged and converted into high-value customers.


Test and optimize chat messaging, graphics, placement and timing to provide an optimal customer experience.


Intelligence to prioritize, route, monitor and forecast chat traffic to maximize agent productivity and visitor CSAT.


Use data on the incremental financial contribution of chat programs to optimize end to end program performance.

Powered by Salesforce

MarketLinc’s Intelligent Live chat platform leverages Salesforce.com technologies, in addition to MarketLinc proprietary and other best in class applications, to deliver a highly scalable and stable platform to suit each of our client’s requirements.

Trusted by leading global brands

We’re not your average live chat service

There’s a difference between a standard chat tool and a personalized, data-driven, fully optimized, end to end chat solution. We have the technology, expertise and resources to enable our clients to zero-in on the right visitors at the right time, and ensure that they get the perfect level of assistance.

We offer a fully outsourced turn-key solution , or you can choose à la carte features to complement the capabilities you want to run internally.

Risk-Free, Guaranteed Conversions

No upfront costs for you to get started. Our pay for performance model means that we only get paid when you see results – and that means you’ll definitely see results.

Data-driven, Intelligent & Measurable Results

Powerful analysis, micro-segmentation and predictive capabilities, combined with transparent reporting so you can see how our program is performing.

All-in-one managed solution

Everything your business needs – from proactive live chat software, expertly-skilled live sales assistants and advanced analytics to performance optimization services.

“We’ve seen our conversion rate increase by 15% and revenue per visitor increase by 19%.”

Julie Toman, Vice President,

North American Online Sales, Kaspersky Lab


Results we’ve delivered to our clients:

Incremental Lift in Revenue
Average Order Value Increase
Increase in RPV for Visitors who Accept Chat

The MarketLinc Intelligent Live Chat Solution gives you everything your business needs to increase conversions, maximize revenue and improve customer experience.

We help your customers throughout their journey through your sales funnel, ensuring that they convert at higher rates and with higher order values.

Find out what an optimized chat program can deliver for your organization.

Convert more visitors to buyers with Intelligent Live Chat