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MarketLinc's outsourced sales agents are meticulously trained to improve your website performance using customer-centric selling and powerful Lift AI technology
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Introducing Live Chat’s best kept secret: Lift AI

Live agents convert 2-5x higher than chatbots alone, so MarketLinc invested in training some of the best sales agents available for outsourcing today - then built a powerful machine-learning technology to support them, called Lift AI.

Lift AI qualifies and prioritizes visitors for our sales agents in real-time so they can focus on converting instead of support requests or tire-kickers.

The results? Unmatched.

Supercharged website conversions

Customers have seen up to 20% improvement in their revenue through MarketLinc’s best-in-class live sales agents, supported by Lift AI visitor scoring technology.

Consistent performance at scale

We’ve developed comprehensive, proprietary training and performance management strategies to ensure our sales agents deliver a consistent sales performance at any scale.

A red carpet experience for customers

There’s no doubt that live agents provide a better customer experience than chatbots alone - and our live agents are no exception as they ensure the best possible experience every time.

Multilingual, 24/7 service

MarketLinc’s live chat sales agents are ready to deploy at all hours and all time zones so you can sell while you sleep, with service support in 5 languages including EN, FR, SP, GE, and PO.

How MarketLinc’s live sales agents become best-in-class

  • We recruit, train, and onboard sales agents that work exclusively on your program
  • Agent schedules are optimized to achieve full coverage
  • Lift AI technology is used to qualify and prioritize your visitors
  • Performance is monitored with ongoing quality checks to maximize conversions and maintain the best customer experience

23% increase in average revenue per visitor

“Potential customers needed to see the value of our new product, Kaspersky Security Cloud. We had to more effectively demonstrate the importance of this adaptive technology in order to better serve customers and meet sales objectives.”

- William Sinagra, Sr. Director of Online Sales at Kaspersky North America

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