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Convert More Website Traffic Using Modern Marketing Practices for Intelligent Live Chat

Thousands of modern marketers have fully embraced marketing automation software in their efforts to identify, engage, convert, optimize and analyze using marketing technology.

Modern marketers know that it’s more than just demographics that make up an ideal customer profile. They track key data such as referring campaigns, titles, industries, content downloads and engagement frequency from their high value prospects in order to better identify and target “like” prospects who have the highest probability of converting.

Today’s marketers have learned that to engage with prospects effectively requires the use of personalized and contextualized content to match ‘offers’ to ‘interests’. Developing targeted content requires knowledge of how to engage, when, and what to say that will be relevant to the success of those prospects.

Since the beginning of time, every marketer has known that their main metric for success is the conversion of their campaigns into revenue. Today’s marketer accomplishes this by knowing the customer’s buying cycle, engaging the buyer all the way through the buying cycle, and delivering highly qualified leads. Of late, many organizations have added the role of Business Development Rep (BDR) to help bridge the gap between sales and marketing; ensuring leads don’t go stale and that high-quality leads are identified and actioned quickly to increase conversion rates. This also ensures that highly paid sales executives are not cold-calling or wasting time on low quality leads, and are working only pre-qualified leads in order to get them to close.

Modern marketers know the importance of optimizing their campaigns, by tracking what is and isn’t working, adjusting along the way to ensure maximum results. And they use analytics to report on key attributes about the buyer, channel, and offer, as well as the results of campaign spend to demonstrate ROI.

As a result, today’s marketers are delivering better leads, aligning sales with marketing, reporting marketing’s return on investment and generating a lot more revenue.

There is huge upside for organizations to look for the same sophistication and rigour of marketing automation solutions when considering an intelligent live chat solution. This is particularly valuable for those eCommerce businesses that deal with a high volume of transactions. With online conversion rates at only 3-4% and the investment it takes to get visitors to your site in the first place, there is real value converting those visitors who have already shown an interest vs trying to drive more traffic to your site.

If we follow the same process of marketing automation solutions, intelligent live chat solutions should deliver:

Visitor Identification: use historical and real-time data to deliver rich predictive analytics to accurately identify those who you can profitably engage and that have the highest potential of converting.

Engagement: deep level of micro-segmentation so you can accurately and effectively personalize your message and engagement approach to those prospective buyers in a way that enhances the customer experience. Intelligent live chat solutions should also provide real-time, live sales assistance via phone to the right visitors, when the digital experience alone isn’t enough. Like the BDR role for modern marketers, you want to be able to hand off high value prospects quickly to a live sales agent who can remove any roadblocks and close the deal. This is especially important in the eCommerce space where you need to do this with massive volumes of traffic in real time. And you will want the ability to seamlessly shift engagement modes between chat and phone based on visitor preference.  The more options you have to engage with your visitors, the more likely you are to convert them to a paying customer.

Optimization: real-time tracking of engagement performance & measurement of results down to revenue, as well as the ability to leverage that information to continuously optimize all aspects of the program.

Ecommerce teams who want to convert more website traffic should look for intelligent live chat solutions that allow them to adopt the best practices of marketing automation solutions which have helped modern marketers deliver better leads, align sales with marketing, and generate more revenue.

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