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How Symantec Increased Revenue By 13% With Conversational Commerce Solution


  • $16.7M Incremental Revenue in the first 12 months
  • 5 additional target geographies
  • Targeting and personalized engagement across 1,143 microsegments
  • The identification of four main segments: online acquisition traffic, manual renewals, retail customer renewals, and OEM product renewals.
  • 34% higher conversion on a new new product launch landing page

Symantec’s Revenue Background

A major leader in cybersecurity, Symantec earned an impressive $4.8 billion in revenue in 2018. A major driver of that revenue is the company’s Customer Retention Marketing Team. Part of Symantec’s larger Consumer Business Unit, the Customer Retention Marketing Team is responsible for reducing Symantec’s churn, increasing average revenue per user (RPU), and increasing customer lifetime value.

Symantec’s Challenge

Symantec’s frontline support team, while strong in customer and technical support did not have any real sales expertise. Further, the support team was viewed as a cost center and as such were trying to reduce the number of contacts being funneled to them. They did not offer live sales assistance in their purchase flow for visitors who needed help. It was assumed that every visitor was going to convert on their own, which Symantec acknowledged wasn’t necessarily the best avenue.

To address this, Symantec’s Consumer Business Unit tested a number of pilots to increase revenue. Unfortunately, many of these pilots failed and illuminated a number of key challenges:

  • Inability to provide accurate incremental revenue calculations
  • Inability to scale with Symantec’s high volume of traffic
  • Lack of predictive capabilities
  • Program management issues that require the expertise and resources that Symantec did not have

In order to meet their customer’s needs and increase their conversions, Symantec knew they needed a solution that would address each of these challenges.

Solution: MarketLinc’s Conversational Commerce Solution

While aware of live chat solutions, Symantec was very skeptical that the technology would fully meet their needs.

However, following a meeting with MarketLinc, Symantec was introduced to the broader concept of conversational commerce — a live chat solution that encompasses many different channels to meet customers at all points of their journey. It was here that Symantec learned how a conversational commerce solution could address each of their current challenges — giving them a solution that would allow them to scale, provide accurate revenue calculations and predictive capabilities.

“Chats can be interruptive and you might not be speaking with the right customers, and we had concerns about cannibalizing sales that would have happened anyway.”

Mike Reaka, Retention Marketing Manager for Norton Canada.

How MarketLinc Increased Symantec’s Revenue

With the green light, MarketLinc ran a 3-month pilot to fine-tune Symantec’s processes and validate the incremental revenue forecast MarketLinc developed prior to the pilot.


During the step, MarketLinc profiled, segmented, and prioritized Symantec’s visitors to identify which customers can be profitably engaged and converted into high-value customers.


Next, MarketLinc tested and optimized Symantec’s live chat messaging, graphics, chat placement, and timing of pop-up boxes to identify the optimal customer experience.


Following the testing phase, MarketLinc began engaging Symantec’s customers to gather intelligence that would later help them prioritize, route, monitor, and forecast chat traffic to maximize live agent productivity and customer satisfaction.


Lastly, MarketLinc gathered data on the incremental financial contribution of Symantec’s conversational commerce programs to optimize end-to-end program performance.

Result Breakdown

The conversational commerce pilot proved to be a great success, resulting in rapid expansion for Symantec.

These exciting results were all made possible from MarketLinc’s holistic conversational commerce solution, which provided Symantec with:

  • Fully managed turnkey end-to-end solution
  • Predictive profiling ensured they would be talking to the right customers and not cannibalizing sales
  • Personalized and contextually appropriate engagement for different customer flows
  • Highly skilled, dedicated sales resources meant not having to cross-train their own tech support agents
  • Accurate attribution and incremental reporting satisfied the requirements from Symantec’s finance and analytics teams
  • Detailed forecast of the incremental revenue to be delivered

Thanks to conversational commerce, Symantec’s support team is able to do more by providing their human agents with extra coverage while also increasing customer satisfaction through a targeted support journey.

The MarketLinc Conversational Commerce Solution enables eCommerce businesses to capture up to 20% more revenue. Our real-time, managed live chat solution delivers everything your business needs – advanced targeting analytics, proactive live chat software, expertly-skilled live sales assistants and performance attribution reporting – to rapidly increase conversion rates, decrease abandonment rates and maximize your ROI.

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