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Part 1: Are You Serious About Generating Revenue With Chat?

The internet has fundamentally shifted the way people connect with brands. Modern consumers have come to expect a seamless digital experience, including the ability to communicate with brands in real-time. In response, more and more businesses are turning to live chat to interact with site visitors through chat, messaging, and text. In fact, online chat adoption grew by 400% since 2015, and this prefered method of communication is only continuing to gain traction.

The problem? Adoption alone isn’t enough. While the majority of today’s businesses understand the importance of this prefered communication channel, many fail to align their chat feature with overall business objectives and miss out on major ROI opportunities.

Your business is complex and requires constant fine tuning. Your live chat feature is no different. Whether you currently utilize live chat on your website and are looking for better results or are considering a future chat implementation, having insight into exactly how to get the most out of your investment is critical for long and short-term success.

In this five part series, we’ll help you gain a more holistic and strategic approach to online chat optimization by breaking down the four pillars for success: effective targeting, testing, engagement, and measurement.

But first, how do you know it’s time to pursue a more optimized approach to live chat? If you’re experiencing the following, it may be time to shift your strategy:

Wasted time or resources

  • You’re wasting time on unproductive chats
  • You’re dealing with an overwhelmed or unproductive staff due to misalignment of staffing to chat volumes

Cannibalize or disrupting revenue

  • Your chat feature is annoying visitors and disrupting already effective self-serve flows
  • You’re experiencing low response or conversion rates through chat
  • You’re booking a lot of sales through chat but your overall revenue isn’t growing enough

Missed Opportunity

  • You’re losing visitors by asking for too much upfront information before establishing trust or acknowledging their need
  • You’re losing visitors thanks to automation flows that dead-end or dump customers
  • Your chat response misses the “moment of truth” for site visitors and doesn’t live up to the expectation of immediacy that chat provides

Lack of visibility

  • You don’t know the true impact chat is having on your site, sales revenue, and cost of delivery and are unable to defend the investment
  • You have no control over creating revenue on purpose because there is little or no visibility into what is and is not working across the chat strategy

Do any of these look familiar? There’s a better way. Pursuing a more strategic, optimized approach to live chat can help you maximize your results and easily justify your investment. By targeting the right visitors with a personalized approach that aligns with your overall business strategy and available resources, you’ll be ready to capture more revenue with less effort.

Ready for your roadmap to a more optimized approach to live chat? Stay tuned for all five parts of this series! In the meantime, see how MarketLinc helps brands just like yours achieve up to 20% more revenue from existing site traffic - get in touch today.

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