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How PCTools increased their average order value and conversion lift over 20%

PC Tools has seen a significant improvement in conversion metrics since working with MarketLinc. The company has also gained better insight into the traffic patterns of its prospects, and has been able to optimize the customer experience through different chat placements based on where visitors are in the purchase process.

+40 Average Order Value 

+20% Conversion Lift

+66% Increase in Revenue Per Visitor

"We’ve increased conversions on existing target traffic by 19% and grown order values in the same group by 40% during the initial phase of our partnership with MarketLinc. In addition, we’re converting customers who come to our site looking for free product into orders of three and five year licensing terms – an incredible result.”

Erich Andren, Global E-Commerce Director, PCtools

Thanks to MarketLinc’s customer-centric sales process, PC Tools was able to convert web visitors seeking free products into multi-year customers while dramatically increasing conversions on existing traffic. In this pay-for-performance model, PC Tools paid only a percentage of incremental revenue gains.

PC Tools called upon MarketLinc’s expertise in conversion optimization, visitor analytics, interaction technology, customer-centric sales strategy, integrated reporting, and daily program management to drive conversions and revenue gains.

MarketLinc began by examining key indicators among PC Tools website visitors who were lost, about to abandon, or were digital window-shopping. MarketLinc then built corresponding rules into its custom software solution to be triggered whenever these specific behaviors occurred at critical moments in the buying cycle. This in turn initiated the interaction and sales process with highly trained, live sales agents.

Incremental revenue production was tracked with real-time comparisons of two groups running concurrently. Both groups displayed the exact same buying indicators, but only one group received live sales support, whereas the other group (the control group) did not know that this option existed. For each group the following metrics were tracked:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Sales
  • Conversion
  • Average Order Value
  • Revenue

The control group that triggered (but was not presented) an invitation included a total of approx. 2.47 million visitors who qualified for interaction based upon specific behaviors. The groups that were presented invitations totaled approx. 523,000 visitors.

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