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The Moment of Truth: Playing an Active Role in the Customer Journey

Research is an untapped well of conversion potential. Are you missing out?

Most online shoppers want to know what they’re in for before they buy, especially when they’re shopping for something big. According to a study from Google, 88% of online shoppers perform preliminary research while considering a major purchase, and they can gather information from 10 or more sources before making their final decision. This period of research is known as the zero moment of truth, and it offers a unique marketing and sales opportunity that can boost conversion rates and turn your ecommerce operation into a powerhouse.

The challenge is engagement. What’s the best way to reach customers during this zero moment of truth period? Informative, detailed product copy and FAQ sections are a good start, but that’s not always enough. Some customers need more information. They may have niche questions or need guidance as they mull their decision over, and no matter how much information you have on your site, you can’t give them the information they need. To fix this problem, ecommerce businesses need to identify the right visitors and actively assist these questioning shoppers in their decision-making process.

Making Human Connections in the Digital Space

The MarketLinc human to human (H2H) engagement service was borne out of the need to bridge the gap between businesses and customers during vital moments of truth, including that buying stage in which critical purchasing decisions are made. The H2H service analyzes incoming site traffic and springs into action if a visitor’s behavior indicates potential uncertainty or the desire to interact directly with a live sales agent. This H2H service connects questioning customers with real-time, knowledgeable live sales assistance providing advice and answers that enrich the research experience, providing valuable influence in the considered purchase shopping process.

With this direct human-to-human connection to shoppers during the moment of truth, ecommerce businesses can play an active role in considered purchasing decisions. Connecting the shopper to a concierge customer service experience puts a reliable research source right in front of them, bringing about higher conversion rates, saving the customer time and effort, and ultimately creating revenue lift that would otherwise be lost. This not only lets ecommerce businesses have a hand in the information shoppers receive, but also provides a golden opportunity to create a positive customer service experience, adding further value to the brand.

H2H Engagement

This H2H interaction is driven by a sophisticated omni-channel contact center platform, which makes it possible to draw customers out of their isolating digital-only experience, and introduce genuine human connection into the process. This alone can be enough for targeted shoppers to complete their research process and move from consideration to purchase.

When a shopper wants to talk through their doubts and questions, MarketLinc can step in and provide the human engagement needed during those critical buying stages. H2H engagement puts ecommerce businesses in a unique position to leverage curiosity and uncertainty during moments of truth, delivering a positive customer experience and creating incremental revenue in the process.

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