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Why live chat increases conversion rates and sales

Increasingly, Live Chat is becoming one the most effective tools businesses are using to increase sales and conversion rates. Doing it right, however, is the real key to success. This means using an intelligent live chat solution that allows you to identify and engage with the right customers at the right time with content that is relevant to them, provides complementary live sales assistance, and continuously tracks and optimizes performance and results.

By providing sales assistance to remove any obstacles to purchase and addressing any unanswered questions easily and quickly, e-commerce businesses are seeing increased conversion rates and sales. When you think of the investment it takes to drive visitors to your site, isn’t it worth taking that extra step while they are engaged and interested on your site vs trying to win them back once they are gone?

But how exactly does Intelligent Live Chat help increase conversion and sales?

Allows you to zero in on high value prospects

You don’t want to waste your time and effort chatting with someone who is a “tire kicker”, i.e. a visitor who will never convert. And you don’t want to spend valuable selling time with an existing customer who needs a support call.  But an intelligent live chat solution will help you identify and hone in on high value prospects who have the highest propensity to buy or accept live sales assistance (i.e. those who actually need help).

Moves prospects from passive to active engagement

Intelligent live chat can turn a passive, casual browse on your website into a dynamic, intelligent, engaged conversation between you and your highest value prospects. Providing your customers with the ability to engage in targeted, valuable interactions, removing any roadblocks and answering questions quickly, can make the difference between a sale won vs. lost.

Creates an unmatched buying experience

With so many competitors to choose from, you want to make sure you differentiate not only on product and price but on the complete buying experience. You don’t want to be like every other e-commerce site out there. And you certainly don’t want to provide a disruptive or negative live chat experience that turns visitors away. Amaze your customers with a seamless, easy and stress-free buying experience and they’ll be sure to come back again.

Allows you to really know your customers

The personal interaction that live chat delivers allows you to really develop a relationship with your customers and earn their loyalty and trust. And with an intelligent live chat solution, you can take that personalization to a whole other level. Knowing who and when to engage, providing relevant and personalized content, and offering the additional benefit of a live sales agent when needed, delivers an unmatched personalized buying experience your customers will appreciate.

Provides great strategic insights

Intelligent live chat solutions, particularly those that offer live sales assistance as part of their solution, deliver benefits beyond simply the chat capability. Not only do you get to learn more about your customers when you engage with them, you get to build a rich database of knowledge about what is resonating with visitors on your site (i.e. do more of), where they are stumbling (i.e. what needs to be fixed), what consistent product questions are being asked (feedback to product management), amongst a variety of other strategic insights you are able to gather. An intelligent live chat solution that continually tracks results to optimize performance also delivers rich data that allows you to remove any barriers to purchase and serve up an intelligent live chat session that is personalized, timely and targeted to your prospects that have the highest probability of converting.

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