Companies of all sizes and verticals are leveraging intelligent live chat. See how our solution helped them increase conversions and sales while enhancing customer experience.

Symantec increased revenues by 13% using intelligent live chat

PC Tools experienced a 40% AOV increase, 20% conversion lift and 66% increase in RPV

Kaspersky Lab saw a 15% lift in conversion rate and a 19% lift in revenue per visitor using intelligent live chat

Nuance increased revenue by 17% and MarketLinc converted 142% more than the control group

Since deploying the MarketLinc Intelligent Visitor Engagement solution in early 2015, we’ve witnessed a 13.3% increase in incremental revenue within the target market. This solution did not take up the time, resources, or budget that an in-house program did, and is truly a pay for performance solution.

Mike Reaka, Senior Online Program Specialist


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